If you are looking for fixie bikes then your first choice should be Pure Fix, as they offer some of the best bikes in a moderate price range. The design is pretty simple and with the high quality tensile steel, the fixie bikes from Pure Fix turns out to be the best in the market for the urban biking. So, in this article, we are going to lay out Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike review

It does not matter why you need the fixie bike, for urban cycling, city commuting, fitness exercises or maybe just for a fun ride, the Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike from Pure Fix can be the perfect and reliable choice for you.

Features and Specifications

The frame of the bike is made of steel and you can choose any color you want from the long list that is available. The weight of the bike is almost 22 lbs which proves that it has a sturdy design. But the weight will always depend on the size that you will choose. The bike is pretty built to last long and give you high performance. The Pure Fix makes sure that they provide the high quality and best possible components that is available at the price range.

Technical Features and Specification:

  • * Single Speed and Fixed Gear Fixie
  • * Wheels: 50mm Deep Dish
  • * Tubes and Tires: 700c X 28 from Kenda
  • * Steel frame: fully Tig-welded and high tensile
  • * Real Wheel: flip-flop hub
  • * Hubs: Lasered Pure Fix custom made
  • * Chains: KMC made
  • * Oury Grips
  • * To retain pressure at speed this bike uses Presta valves
  • * Depending on the size weighs around 22 – 24 lbs
  • * Uses KMC chain with the gear ratio of 44:16
  • * Thread less Headset from Neco


* Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike comes with a nice solid build and comprises of high quality branded parts to give you the best quality performance.

* You can remove the front brakes easily and with a high tensile steel frame this bike is really made long lasting.

* With the flip-flop hub at the rear wheel, the rider gets the opportunity to switch between the fixed gear and the single speed easily and quickly as well.

* The sizes and the choice of colors are also different and quite variant as well. So, whatever style or size you want, you can choose the right one for you.


* Although this bike has so many positives, yet, it has a few problems that the users have faced.

* One of them is the quality of tires used. The tires are from Kenda and they are not known to build high quality tires. You can drive for fun or in a city road, but on a urban road, you might need to replace the tires to have more grip and easy handling.

* According to some of the users, the seat for the users are not enough comfortable. This is not a concern for every rider and most of them would like to use their own set of saddle with padding for proper comfort while riding.


Normally, the bikes in this price range would not give you the proper functionality while on the road, but with the quality components attached to this bike, you get full functionality as expected.

Whoever have bought this bike, have expressed their likings towards the product. According to them, there has been no issues while riding this bike in the urban or suburban areas. The only problem that has affected the functionality is the tires from Kenda. But you can replace them anyway and sure can enjoy your bike ride on pretty much every single type of road.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Well, if you go through the reviews on the websites, you can understand that this is really a good deal if you consider the price and what you are going to get. This is an overall good bike irrespective of the size or the color that you choose. The quality and performance is good, you can rely on this bike while you are on an urban road and with a sturdy design, this is good enough to last long. Easy switching option from single speed to fixed gear and vice-versa. Well, if you are going to buy this bike, you can easily give it a try without thinking twice.

If you do not trust the user reviews you can buy this product of your own and check out the awesome features that you are getting at such a budget and you will surely like this bike and love cruising on the road.

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