More and more, the Best Aluminum Road Bike are made of aluminum instead of steel. Thanks to its lightness, affordability and easy manipulation, it is growing more popular with each day. Thanks to this, the Best Aluminum Road Bike are also becoming more affordable while not losing on the quality, so it is a win-win situation for your safety and your budget. Since the steel, or carbon is more likely to get broken upon an impact or a hit, the aluminum frame will get dented and it will still be fine to ride, unless the damage is extensive, but most of the

Best Aluminum Road Bikes reviews

time, with a minor indentation you will be able to ride it more or less normally, while a crack similar size to the indentation poses a risk of even more cracking and complete breaking.

Best Aluminum Road Bike also use alloy material for wheels, brakes etc. Alloy is a combination of metal and another element, and usually, these alloy materials are stronger and harder than the metal in the combination, so they are more useful and usually less expensive than pure metals. Additionally, aluminum bikes are less heavy and that makes them faster and easier to ride and stop in the moments’ notice, they are easier to mount on the wall for storing them, or even just to lift up if necessary. Usually, these bikes are non-professional ones, built for exercise, light workout or just a drive through the town, even the daily commute to the work and back. Versatile, they are great for beginners and more professional riders alike, who are looking for a relaxed ride, or a building up the skills and stamina for the professional bikes.

Here are our three choices for the best aluminum road bike which you can find on Amazon, coming in the price range of 218$ to 430$, depending on your budget, take a look at them if you need help to decide on which to get.

The price of this bike ranges from 299.00$ to 427.19$. It comes in three standard sizes, large, medium, and small. This is an entry level bike, it is great for those who are new to riding, or just want a relaxed ride from time to time. The biggest bonus of this bike is that it is lightweight and driving uphill, its lightness will be felt. The bike is great choice for those looking to by one of the best aluminum bike and to get amazing quality for their money. Riders that want to keep healthy and fit and desire some recreation in nature or through the city streets and parks will find their match in this one.

Shifters and brake levers are a single unit, made by Shimano, and they help with easy shifting and controlled breaking. One downside for some riders which are a bit shorter or with smaller hand reach is the fact that shifters are a bit harder to reach.

Vilano Shadow Road Bike - Shimano STI Integrated Shifters Review

The vibrations of the road are not very well masked but with using better gloves, it shouldn’t be a problem. The frame is made of aluminum, and that’s why the bike is so light, as already mentioned, and the frame comes with integrated headset. The bike is particularly sturdy and durable and promises smooth ride no matter the speed. While talking about speeds, it is important to note that Vilano bike has 14 speeds, less than some others. This bike has to be assembled first, and tuned by professionals, but it should take no longer than an hour.


  • 700c doubled walled CNC machined side
  • Shimano integrated shifters and brakes making one unit
  • Aluminum aero frame
  • Fork 700c, dual pivot alloy caliper
  • Free pedals

This bike is lightest in the group, and weights around 23pounds. As for the design and sizes, it comes in three simple colors, black, white, and gray, while the sizes are: small – 50 cm, medium – 54 cm, and large – 58 cm. It is intended for city rides mostly, with its 21 speeds and Shimano brakes, while shifters will make riding uphill seem easy, thanks to their great build.

The biggest plus for this bike is its lightness, and for beginners it is perfect. One bad side of the bike are the tires which are good for leisurely rides through the city streets, while the rougher roads will ruin

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano Review

them, so if you intend to use the bike for out of city rides, it is better to change them into another pair. Another possible problem may be the fact that the shifters are a bit hard to reach, so the shorter riders will have some trouble reaching them easily. All in all, the bike is of very good quality and for the price between 260 and 400$, it is worth the money.


  • Frame is 6061 Double Butted Aluminum
  • Fork is 700c 1 1/8-Inch Threadless
  • Shifters are Shimano A050 SIS Handlebar Mounted
  • Wheelset is 700c Doubled Walled CNC with Machined Sides
  • Free Pedals are included along with saddle
  • Tires are 700c x 25c
  • Handlebar: Alloy 6061 25.4mm
  • Headset: 1 1/8-Inches Integrated

The bike is available in three different sizes, 48cm, 51cm and 54cm. The design is amazing and comes in different colors as well. You can get four different types of color combinations with this bike which are: black and blue, black and white, green and white, and white and blue. It is lightweight like the rest of the bikes reviewed, and that’s thanks to it being made of aluminum. All the aluminum parts are made of ultra light aluminum, and of great quality, except for the plastic pedals which are easily replaceable.

As they are the most quality ones, this bike also has Shimano parts – shifter, derailleur and freewheels. The gear system is amazing for only 250$, and in range with much more expensive bikes.

BAVEL Ultra Light Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano 48cm/51cm/54cm Review

As for the assembly, it is mostly finished upon arrival and the rest can be finished in a short time at home. Front bar is slightly lower than the seat, so it offers a more aerodynamic position for a faster ride. The only downsides are the pedals and the seat, but they can be replaced, and the customer service will be quick to help with any questions. All in all, the bike is great for its price, and is one of the cheapest, lightest and best aluminum road bike out there. The beginners will be happy with it, and the experienced riders will find it up to their standards.


  • 3LBS Lightweight and Sturdy Aluminum Frame and forks
  • Shimano EF-500 shifter and Shimano derailleur and freewheel
  • Disc Brake
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