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The actual idea about “BikeMeLoud” website was formed while having an argue with my friends about the best road bikes out there. Basically, there is so many information out there that it was really hard to get to the conclusion, even though each of us was talking about the same road bikes but from different perspectives. Thus, I thought there should be a lot of people who struggles with the same stuff.

Thus, if you are the one who is struggling to choose the right bike for you which meets your expectation as well as is the best value for the money you pay, I bet you will find our blog useful.

There is no doubt that majority of the people prefer to be recommended by the family members or friends while choosing the product they want to purchase. Furthermore, only a few of them might manage to do the research online. However, trust me, researching a product online is one of the toughest stuff in ‘online shopping’. What’s more, it gets tougher when it’s about choosing the road bikes.

That being said, the argue between me and my friends finally ended in the market, where we have thoroughly researched for the best road bikes between a lot of variations. Some were good, some were better and as usual few of others turned out to be junk. Even though we spend more than 7-8 hours in the market, I got back without buying any bike, however, I had a good idea in my mind.


BikeMeLoud Mission

The main mission and the goal of are to provide the genuine and trustworthy information about the road bikes. The top products reviews presented in the form of top lists.

The major aim of this blog is to become the main and last source/destination for the people who are seeking for the trustworthy reviews of the best road bikes out there. Furthermore, getting any additional information that would genuinely help to choose the best product in the market. The reviews of each product are guaranteed to be accurate, either it’s bad or good.

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